Women On Wheels

Spinal Cord Injury Peer & Advocacy Group

We are Women On Wheels (W.O.W.), a unique sisterhood of women with spinal cord injuries (SCI) living life to its fullest. Choosing not to sit still waiting for things to happen, we actively take part in creating change; tackling daily obstacles and challenges with inner strength, backbone, and determination. Empowered by our individual and shared life experiences, we continue to move forward.
Our support group meets weekly and consists of informative, lively discussions ranging from coping mechanisms, sex, relationships, body image, pain management, health, safety, education, activism, and disability rights, as well as a variety of other current issues affecting women with SCI. We invite guest speakers to share their expertise and resources and have held presentations on such topics as mental health and well-being, fire safety, adaptive technology, gynecological care, and more. Hope to see you soon!


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